Not just another Fuel Card.

Using Next Generation Innovation, a desire to save Operators on the mostly costly expense of operating a private plane, and a commitment to the community, Ethos Fuel was born.  The Ethos Fuel Card is a Smarter way to Save on Jet-A, utilizing Modern Business Practices. We are compatible with Parts: 91, 91K, and 135, and your current cards.

You use Ethos Fuel any-where, any-time, and any-place you operate your Jet-A equipped aircraft.  Keep and use your existing cards and add our discount on top for more enhanced savings. Welcome to Ethos Fuel.


Use With Your Current Fuel Cards

We are on YOUR TEAM! You are able to use the Ethos Fuel Card on top of your other fuel cards for even more savings.  Any agreements you have with other Fuel Providers is fine, simply add our discount(s) on top of your current program.    Deeper discounts are expected as our Card matures and our capability increases.

By signing up for our Ethos Fuel Card you are helping to install Private Sophisticated Infrastructure that will deliver impressive cost savings for our Card Holders.  You are also supporting an American owned company that has interest in helping bring down Jet-A Costs in the USA.

About Ethos Aviation

Countless Satisfied Clients. Definitive resolute willpower. An unshakeable Ethos and corporate philosophy of fine commitment to service, both in our Aviation Business and in our Communities, Ethos Aviation has been recognized for being the gold standard of Jet Hospitality.

Today, Ethos Aviation continues to grow and inspire life’s most meaningful journeys to the most desirable destinations on earth.

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How Rewards and Discounts Work

We wanted to create a Fuel Card that could maximize opportunities for Fuel Discounts for our Card Holders.  We asked ourselves could we make Jet-A more cost effective?  The answer we came up with is, YES.

Here are a few ways as a cardholder you can Stack your Rewards:

  1. Referrals to our Fuel Card Program
  2. Referring Clients to our Services at Ethos Aviation
  3. Utilizing Ethos Aviation Services
  4. Utilizing our Network of Preferred FBO’s
  5. Utilizing our Network of Preferred Car Rental Companies, Hotels, and more
  6. Following us on Social Media
  7. Donating to Charities Through Ethos Aviation
  8. Replying to our Newsletters and Social Media Posts
  9. Participating in upcoming Ethos Fuel Programs.

It’s your Choice, Save on Jet-A

With Ethos Fuel Rewards you will find a fantastic opportunity to save on your operating costs.


Thousands of Locations

Use your Ethos Rewards Card anywhere Jet-A is sold for incredible savings.

Rewards Power Program

Our exciting, fun, and practical Fuel Programs will save you thousands.

Operational Savings

Imagine your operation being even more successful with our Jet Card.  Unleash real savings potential.

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Designed with Business Aviation and Personal Aviation in Mind.   Simply fill out the form below to get started. Part 91, 91K, and 135 Compatible.

Ethos Fuel

On Your Team

We are actively on your team to lower your Jet-A Fuel Prices.  That is our main job.  We also form partnerships and work to help achieve amazing Jet-A Discounts.

Impressive Discounts

Regular Users can yield anywhere from 10c/gal to 25c/gal on Jet-A.  You can potentially receive deeper discounts on Jet-A depending on your participation level.

Loyalty Program

Maximize your Ethos Fuel card when you give Ethos Aviation a first right of refusal for all your Aviation needs to keep your Ethos Fuel Card Discounts coming!

How Discounts and Rewards Work

Actively participate in Ethos Fuel Programs, submit Referrals to Ethos Aviation, and more.  Send in your Monthly Fuel Receipts, receive a check in the mail.

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